The True Lab

Department of Cell Biology & Physiology

Washington University School of Medicine

Principal Investigator

Heather True
Associate Professor
Cell Biology & Physiology

Graduate Students

Kate Keefer
Factors that regulate de novo prion formation.




Haejun Ahn
J. Patrick Bardill
Doctoral Student, Molecular Microbiology
Structural and protein determinants involved in the regulation of the [RNQ+] prion.

Current: Postdoc, Brian Hammer lab, Georgia Tech
Rachel Bouttenot
Masters Student, Molecular Cell Biology
Characterization of a novel allele of Hsp104.
Donell Carey
Studies of the structural core of the [RNQ+] prion.

Amar Desai
Research Technician

Jen Dulle
Doctoral Student, Molecular Cell Biology
The effect of the Hsp104 chaperone on prion stability and propagation.

Current: Postdoc, Patrice Fort lab, Michigan
Jon Fisher
Research Technician

Current: Graduate Student, Molecular Cell Biology, Washington University
Vincent Huang
Research Technician
Tejas Kalastavadi
Doctoral Student, Genetics
Biochemical and structural characterization of prion strains and amyloid fibrils.

Current: Postdoc, Tania Baker lab, MIT, HHMI
Adeline Lin
Doctoral Student, Molecular Microbiology
The role of Sua5 in translational regulation.
Morwan Osman
De facto Lab Manager

Current: Graduate Student, Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Washington
Aditya Sarvesh
Research Technician

Sarah Simpson
Research Technician



Kevin Stein
Molecular Cell Biology
The influence of amyloid polymorphism in modulating phenotypic variation.

Erin Straight
Research Technician

Current: Medical Student, Virginia Tech University

Elizabeth Tank
Doctoral Student, Developmental Biology
Yeast as a model for Alzheimer's-related proteasomal impairment.
Lisa Underwood
Post-doctoral Researcher
Identification of factors that affect [PSI+] stability and propagation.

Current: Assistant Professor, U. of Missouri, St. Louis
Laura Westergard
Post-doctoral Researcher
Environmental regulation of prion formation.

Siyao Xing
Characterization of [PSI+] prion variants.


Tony Zhang

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